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Our Mission

Making quality health care
affordable and accessible.

Our Mindset

We're all about health,
and health for all!

Our Goal

Increase access to health care services to improve community health.

Careers at Variety Care

  • > Introduction

    Growing Tomorrow’s Compassionate Leaders

    As a community health center, Variety Care is leading the way we treat Oklahomans’ health care needs. Our mission is making quality health care affordable and accessible. If you are ready to commit, grow, and lead in our mission, then Variety Care is the place for you!


    Variety Care seeks compassionate individuals who are always willing to go the extra mile for our patients and who are ready to grow with a leading primary health care organization. We want motivated people who desire to take action, learn and lead. Our cross training programs and continued learning opportunities are appreciated from all spectrums of our organization.  We want you to gain knowledge and skills in different aspects of their jobs, including other departments or locations.

  • > Benefits

    Management knows that our diverse populations of employees are our key to success. We acknowledge and respect the compassion our employees have towards our mission and patients.  Therefore, we strive to offer a great benefits package to our employees because we truly value their work. Our full ranges of benefits* are listed below:


    Medical Insurance – Variety Care offers a preferred provider organization (PPO) medical plan with a large provider network at a low cost to our employees. Some highlights are:

    • Low deductible for in-network services.
    • All eligible services provided at Variety Care are covered at 100% and the co-pay ($35) is waived for employees.
    • All eligible routine, preventative care in-network services are covered at 100%.
    • Dental Insurance – Open network, you may use the dental insurance at any dental office. It covers two exams and cleanings per year paid at 100 %.


    Life Insurance – Aetna life and AD&D insurance is provided to employees and it covers one times your annual salary, up to $100k.


    Short Term and Long Term Disability Insurance – Our STD & LTD insurance plan is covered by Lincoln Financial Group. The STD covers 66.67% of your weekly salary up to $1400 per week for a maximum of 26 weeks. The LTD covers 60% of salary up to $6000 per month.


    Paid Holidays – 8 paid holidays per year. Enjoy the holidays with your loved ones!


    Paid Time Off – We offer two forms of paid time off:  Personal Time Off and Floating Holiday hours. Start with an accrual rate to earn 80 hours of personal time off in your first year, as well as earning a total of 40 hours of Floating Holiday hours! Paid Time Off increases as per your length of service increases.


    Retirement Plan – with Employer Contributions: After one year of service, you have the option to contribute pre-tax or Roth elective deferrals in your personal retirement account provided to you by Variety Care! It is a 403b Retirement Plan administered by Principal Financial Group. Employer contributions begin after one year of service and if employed at year end (Dec. 31), you will be get a 2% contribution of your gross salary and up to a 3% matching contribution.


    Employee Assistance Program – Designed to help you and your family members successfully manage life’s challenges by identifying options and making informed choices. Our EAP program offers free and confidential legal, financial, wellness and counseling resources.


    Tuition Reimbursement – As part of learning and growing, we value the determination our employees may express in continuing their education!


    Living Well – Living well isn’t a program, it’s a lifestyle! Variety Care provides wellness resources and fun challenges to promote a healthy lifestyle.


    Employee Referral Bonus - As an employee, you would be eligible for a bonus when you refer excellent candidates to work with us.


    * Benefits are listed as a full time status employees, employees on a part time status are subject to 60% of some benefits.

  • > Culture

    Core Values

    In an ever-changing world of health care, Variety Care is guided by six constant core values: Compassion, Quality, Diversity, Value, Access, and Teamwork. We value our employees and their opinions; employees even established our core values. These core values underline our work, how we interact with each other, and which strategies we utilize to fulfill our mission. Each is unique and clearly visible to our employees and patients at all of our locations. If you admire our values, we want you to grow with us.


    Employee Events

    We know we have a serious job in completing our mission and we do not take our jobs lightly. However, we still manage to have time for enjoyment. We organize special events and activities throughout the year for our employees to get together and have fun!

    • National Health Center Week – a week of recognition for our patients, employees and our health centers.
    • Wellness Challenges – we design and implement wellness challenges throughout the year to encourage healthier lifestyles in a fun way! From walking to drinking the most water, our employees become motivated and competitive for great prizes.
    • Fun Giveaways – from sport tickets to the theater, we have random drawings throughout the year!
    • Parties & Luncheons – holiday parties and fun events for all employees to enjoy.
    • Employee Celebration Days – fun days to celebrate being a Variety Care employee, we host crazy hat day contests and fun days of bowling with your co-workers.


    Awards & Recognition

    Variety Care has received wonderful community awards including El Nacional’s “Best Clinic” Award, voted on by their readers, and the Oklahoma Workforce award of “Certified Healthy Business.” Just like we have received honorable awards, we champion recognition for a job well done among employees. Our managers value and appreciate our hard working employees. If you would like to grow as a compassionate leader in your community, then we want you to contribute with us.


    Patient Centered Medical Home

    We support Variety Care’s pursuit of accreditation as a Patient Centered Medical Home and our commitment to provide care to all Variety Care patients that is Safe, Effective, Patient Centered, Timely, Efficient, and Equitable. Provide leadership and work with all staff to achieve the goals of the “Triple Aim” of healthcare reform—to improve the experience of care, improve health outcomes, and decrease healthcare costs.


    EMR & Technology

    Variety Care is constantly looking for ways to make our employees’ jobs easier and we have achieved great advancements with our Electronic Medical Records and technology. With multiple locations, our technology success helps us communicate internally to serve our patients in a timely and efficiently manner.

Variety Care facts:

  • Non-profit organization with more than 16 locations
  • Officially known as a Community Health Center (CHC) and Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC)
  • Founded & headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK
  • Employs more than 415 Oklahomans across central and southwest Oklahoma
  • Served more than 96,500 people in 2015
  • Variety Care provides access to affordable healthcare services to all persons, regardless of age, medical history, immigration status, or insurance coverage

E-Verification & Right to Work:

We provide the Social Security Administration and, if necessary, the Department of Homeland Security with information from each new employee's Form I-9 to confirm work authorization. If you have the legal right to work in the United States, Variety Care actively supports your right to protection (by US law) against discrimination in the workplace.

We E-Verify (Download PDF)

Your Right to Work (Download PDF)

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