Clean Contact Lenses: Happy Healthy Eyes

When it comes to choosing between eyeglasses or contact lenses, most individuals prefer contact lenses. Some of the advantages of contact lenses are that they don’t get in the way when performing certain tasks like playing sports or dancing. They also don’t get foggy or affected by certain weather conditions and they can come in fun eye colors!

If you choose to use contact lenses, it is essential that you follow proper eye care procedures. Getting your eyes checked

  • Don’t sleep with your contact lenses

    -          Sleeping with your contact lenses can increase your risk on getting an eye infection.

  • Wash your hands before touching your eyes or contact lenses

    -          Hands need to be washed with soap and dried before touching contact lenses. Our hands can have bacteria and germs that can get transferred over to your contact lenses if not washed before touching them.

  • Keep contact lenses away from water

    -          Water is not always 100% clean. There can be germs found in water. Avoid placing your contact lenses in water.

  • Clean your lenses periodically

    -          Wash your contact lenses with disinfecting solution. Ask your provider for any recommendations.

  • Store your contacts in a proper case

    -          Try to replace your contact lenses once every three months

  • Communicate with your provider

    -          If you start getting any symptoms such as red eyes, irritation, itchiness or even a blurry vision, contact your provider immediately.

  • Never share your contact lenses

    -          To avoid spread germs or bacteria among other individuals, make sure you never share your contact lenses

  • Have eyeglasses handy

-          Always have eyeglasses handy in case your contact lenses cause any irritation or discomfort. 




Eye infections such as keratitis, an infection which causes sight-threating corneal ulcers, may lead to blindness and is caused by contact lenses. It can be easily prevented if you follow the safety measures.

Symptoms on an eye ache include pain in the eyes or in the area surrounding the eyes, redness, increased sensitivity to light, excessive watering, itchiness, fatigue, nausea and vomiting. If you are having some of these symptoms, it is advised that you see your vision care provider immediately to avoid further complications.  If you have any question, don't hesitate to reach out to your vision care provider.

Variety Care offers comprehensive exams and prescription glasses, contact lenses and sunglasses! We have several designer eyewear frames like Michael Kors, Ray Ban and other well-known brands. Don’t forget to ask about our sliding fee scale if you do not have insurance! This will apply to your eye exam and your prescribed glasses making it more affordable to you.

Variety Care has four vision centers in the metro area:

  • Straka Terrace - adults and children
  • Reno - adults and children
  • Lafayette - children up to age 18
  • Britton - adults and children


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