Chronic Disease Management (CDMC)

Variety Care’s Chronic Disease Management Clinic (CDMC) handles the unique needs of people with complex medical, behavioral and social conditions.  These conditions can put people at “high risk” of needing hospital and emergency services. The CDMC connects people to resources to help them take better care of their health.  

Goals of CDMC:

  • Empower people to work for better health,  
  • Provide quality care as a patient-centered medical home, and  
  • Build an agile team ready to care for people in complex situations.

What we do:

  • Care Management with a nurse over the phone and in person,  
  • Nutrition and behavioral health services,  
  • Care coordination between primary care providers, pharmacists, counselors and specialists,  
  • Connections to community resources, disease-specific education, and more.  

You may qualify for CDMC if you:

  • Have been to the emergency room or hospital several times in the last 12 months,  
  • Have two or more unstable chronic conditions (i.e., diabetes, heart failure, COPD, etc.), 
  • Have low income, are uninsured or underinsured, 
  • Have trouble getting food or transportation, 
  • Have a limited support system or difficulty managing your health.  

Ask your provider if you're interested in care management services or call us at 405-632-6688 to learn more.

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